Many people enjoy the company of birds and have them as companions for years. Each bird is different with its own way of communicating with you but they require love and lots of care just as all pets do. Some are noisy and want to be part of your life while others are quieter and are happy to sit near a window and watch the world.  Before you buy a bird come and talk to us about the space you have and the time to devote to the care and feeding and we will advise on the best companion for you.

Our birds include:

  • Budgerigars
  • Zebra Finches
  • Java Sparrows
  • Lovebirds
  • Quarrion
  • Cockatiels


The finch is another hands-off bird, a little charmer who embodies the word “vivacious.” Finches are flashy, fast moving, and fun to watch, with a lively, constant twittering that’s considerably below the decibel level parrots are capable of attaining.

Finches do better in a social situation, so plan on buying two or more and giving them a cage with plenty of space to exercise their wings — these birds get around by flying and they don’t climb for exercise. Also remember that when they’re too crowded, territorial cage battles between cage mates will erupt.

Because they’re perfectly content to live without handling, finches make good caged birds for an older child’s room.


Because of their small price tag and easy availability, budgerigars (or parakeets) are often treated as a throwaway bird — easily purchased, easily disposed of, easily replaced. This deplorable attitude keeps people from valuing these birds for their affectionate personality — some budgies even become very good talkers, albeit with tiny little voices.

Colours now reach far beyond the green or blue you remember from the pet department at the dime store. They’re usually timid, at first, but budgies can be tamed by gentle, patient handling and can bond closely to their human companions. For a very gentle child, budgies are ideal pets.


Cockatiels are an exceptionally popular bird, and justifiably so. These small parrots are flat-out loving, and they live to snuggle and be petted. Cockatiels, are generally regarded as good pets or companion parrots, having a sweet demeanour. Like most other pets, the manner in which the animal is raised, handled, and kept has a profound effect on temperament.


Peach-faced lovebirds are beautiful, active, and playful. A well-socialised peach-faced can be your best pal for years, if you don’t leave him to waste away alone in a cage. When hand-raised and socialised with humans, these little guys love to be handled, carried around in your shirt pocket or on your collar. They’re very affectionate, not overly loud, and capable of picking up a few phrases.


Lorikeets are the clowns of the bird world.  Just like a clown they have an unmistakable bright red beak and colourful plumage and they are mischievous and noisy making sure that all eyes are on them.  Those that keep lorikeets describe them as addictive since watching their cheeky antics can keep them from doing anything else for hours.


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